Haute- Couture

Haute Couture is custom-made fashion, which is handmade from luxurious fabrics. It is the fine art of tailoring.

At à ma chère the Haute Couture designer Rosmarie Amacher is personally responsible for the creations. She and her team of excellent dressmakers combine their imagination and ideas with magnificent fabrics and create unique fashion.

Creations from the house à ma chère are made using a combination of traditional and cutting edge techniques. Dimensional accuracy and a perfect fit, as well as an attention to the quality, all accompany each step on the way to the finished couture product.

We produce for every event and occasion sustainably and exclusively in Switzerland, from an elegant wardrobe to luxurious casual wear as well as even evening gowns and bridal fashion.

You can expect the highest level of craftmanship from us.

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Times are always changing and when it comes to fashion that is no different.

Together with you, we look in the mirror and develop new ideas for your wardrobe.

Alter your garments, adjust to new measurements or simply refurbish with fabrics that are currently trendy – there is no limit to what you imagine and we will advise you with our fashion expertise.

Express changes like, for example, shortening hems are standard for us and cleaning is also one of our offered services.


Prêt-à- Porter

Rosmarie Amacher designs a Prêt-a-Porter Collection twice each year, which is distinguished by a timeless elegance, perfect cuts and discerning quality. The collection is presented in the atelier à ma chère. Each piece will be individually fitted.


Tailor Made

For the men we carry a quality selection of the finest fabrics for business suits, tuxedos, vests, jackets and shirts: Loro Piana, Drapers, Dormeuil, Holland + Sherry und Tweed direct from England are examples of our wide range.

Tailor Made means individual measurements, but also perfectly fitting garment sizing. There is something special about owning a custom-crafted individual piece. The best quality fabric that is sustainably manufactured in Switzerland guarantees that the piece will last a long time. Our custom fitting service is also there to adjust the high quality garments to your current needs.

Stop by and let our fashion experts give you professional advice.


Special Services

You have a closet full of wonderful clothes- but nothing to wear? Do you feel the same way? –  Rosmarie Amacher has a heart for this problem and offers you to help you come up with more space, order and oversight in your closet.

With some fashion advice, Rosmarie Amacher brings clothing pieces that haven’t been worn for a long time back to life, arranges new combinations and highlights the personal style of the wearer and helps to permanently weed out unwanted pieces.

Talk to us, we will make you an offer.



In our online shop www.vintagecollection.ch we sell vintage clothing from the time period 1900 to 1990.

The inspiration and pleasure taken in past fashion eras provides the Couturière Rosmarie Amacher an opportunity to search the world for valuable design creations.

Each garment has it’s own story, which we share with you on the website of the online shop. You get an insight to what goes on behind the scenes and you can partake in our vast insider knowledge.


Le Coupon

25 years ago, Mrs Rosmarie Amacher opened for the increasingly important fabric store a separate business unit under the name Le coupon.

Le Coupon





The New Big Trends in Fashion Autumn/Winter 2015/16

“Forget the old Future”, colour ranges


Pastel colours, light and powerful natural tones, extraordinary material combinations, various greys, digital multi-colour. Pastel also works new in autumn. In combination with dark colours this will be a trend, which can also be worn in everyday life. To be seen at Rochas, Chloé, Miu Miu and Kenzo.



Rosmarie Amacher was born on 15 October 1959 in Zurich and grew up in Pfaffhausen. Already her grandfather Otto Bieli was a clothier and draper and, until his death in 1952, ran a notable shop in Brugg. His son, Heinz Bieli, also trained to be a tailor.

As long as she can remember, Rosmarie Amacher wanted to become nothing but a fashion designer. She completed her apprenticeship as a tailor at Couture Villiger in Zurich and, after intense years of experience at Löw in Zurich, at first opened a studio in Zurich’s Niederdorf, afterwards at Kreuzplatz, before in 1984 establishing the business at today’s location at Dufourstrasse 167 in Seefeld, Zurich. From the beginning Rosmarie Amacher turned her attention to the training of dressmakers. In 1989 she opened the separate cloth business unit named Le Coupon, which ganied more and more importance.

Rosmarie Amacher holds many important positions within the Swiss textile world. She is a board member of the training commission for dressmakers, over and again she organizes textile exhibitions in several museums and she is one of the most prominent collectors of international haute couture manufactured of Swiss fabrics. For the latter, in 2009 Rosmarie Amacher founded the SWISS TEXTILE COLLECTION association, whose task it is to preserve, support and strengthen Swiss textile trade.